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Professional Family Law Service

DIVORCE:  Are you headed for a divorce?  I can help you every step of the way, from considering your options, to negotiating a settlement, to litigating a fully contested hearing on the issues.

PATERNITY:  Have you separated from the parent of you child?  If you were not married, you need to define your rights and responsibilities through a paternity action.

CUSTODY AND VISITATION:  Your child is the most precious thing in your life. Studies show that children who have a healthy relationship with both parents turn out happier and more emotionally well-adjusted. But sometimes a parent’s behavior can be physically or emotionally harmful to a child. In that case, you need someone who knows how to fight for you and your child. I have fought hundreds of custody cases in her 24 years of practice. I have also obtained custody orders for non-parents (such as grandparents or step parents) when the natural parents are unable to care for or support their child.

CHILD SUPPORT:  I will make sure that the support amount is reasonable and fair. If you have trouble collecting child support, I can offer you different avenues to collect the money.

GRANDPARENT VISITATION:  Grandparents do have a right to court ordered visitation with their grandchildren under certain circumstances, and I have helped many grandparents get this.

ADOPTION:  These are the happiest cases to have. I have handled over 100 adoptions in my career and hope to do more.

GUARDIANSHIP:  Often, a guardianship is needed when a loved one is unable to care for themselves physically or financially. Guardianships can also be established for the care of minor children.

CHILDREN IN NEED OF SERVICES:  Knowing your rights is essential in these cases.

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